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About Brian

Brian Evans was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, the son of William and Helen Evans.

As a singer, Brian has received numerous awards and was added to The National Baseball Hall of Fame library for his original work, "At Fenway," which was filmed at the legendary baseball field, Fenway Park.

From US Senator John Kerry, to Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman (who issued a Proclamation for Brian's work at the legendary "Desert Inn"), Brian Evans has spent his life communicating with the every day man. Six U.S. Presidents have acknowledged Brian Evans for his work. He is also the recipient of three Hawaii governor Proclamations for his work to create tourism in the state of Hawaii, more than any other individual in the state of Hawaii...ever. Both republican and democratic governors in Hawaii have honored Brian with these awards.

His career began as a singer and an entertainer, performing thousands of concerts throughout the world, headlining in Las Vegas, and is also an investor in Point Motion, a technology aimed at giving the hearing impaired a voice using this patented technology.

It is true that Brian Evans is an unconventional candidate, and his platform is equally unconventional, and the more you learn about where Brian is coming from, we feel you'll be willing to give him a shot at two years in Congress to let him make his best effort to bring real change to areas that are too often ignored.

Brian is not a normal republican. In fact, he's gay. As the republican party has evolved with the times, his candidacy further sends the message that the GOP is not as it is sometimes portrayed. You can help facilitate that reality by sending Brian Evans to Washington, and letting America know that the republican party is not as it is described by the mainstream media.

Brian Evans is the recipient of three governor of Hawaii Proclamations, one was a republican, the other a democrat, for his assistance in bringing tourism to the state of Hawaii. Read them for yourself. When we work together, anything can happen.

Committee to Elect Brian Evans to the United States Congress (R-HI)
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