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Brian Evans and Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges discuss the state of healthcare in the United States in this photo above.

Brian Evans intends to bring his voice, if elected to the United States Congress, so that the rest of the world can begin to address some very serious issues facing us. We often hear people talk about "forgotten people," but we should also be discussing "forgotten issues," because there are indeed many of them.

Just what is Brian's platform, you ask? Here are a few very important issues that Brian Evans intends to campaign on.

"My issues may not seem like issues you regularly would think about, and it's my hope that with the work that I do, you'll never have to think about them in the way that I had to," says Evans.

Priority #1: We need to better train doctors and nurses. Did you know that Hospital Negligence is now the third leading cause of death in the United States? In fact, various hospital organizations have been battling it out with the CDC so that "Hospital Negligence" is not listed in their list of "Causes of Death." It's no wonder, given more than 440,000 Americans die a year due to hospital medical errors. It's a staggering number, and a crisis that needs immediate attention. Rather than post various links confirming this, I invite you to simply go to, and then type in (or copy and paste): Third leading cause of death.

That sentence alone will show you news publications (inspired by both sides of the aisle), which confirm that the statement above is true. That's ten Yankee Stadium baseball fields a year with the bodies of patients who went into a hospital thinking they'd walk out, and who didn't.

Priority #2: Organizations such as The Leap Frog Group, an organization that rates hospitals, never steps foot into the hospitals they rate. Instead, they send a questionnaire to the hospital, which staff from that hospital answer themselves, send it back to Leap Frog Group with a check, and there's your rating. It's bought and paid for, and then the hospital has the audacity to use that rating in their advertising as if it means anything. It doesn't. I invite you to visit (and follow) my Official Campaign Twitter account at to read the specific links that back up the words I've said about. Organizations that are 501(c) have executives who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, to millions, each year. To me, there's nothing non-profit about any organization that pays its CFO's hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to work for such a "non-profit."

Priority #3: Most hospitals are staffed with empathetic nurses and doctors who truly want to do the right thing. We live in a society where organizations are seeking to limit malpractice lawsuit damages. Given malpractice in hospitals are now the third leading cause of death in the United States, you can understand why they want such limits. Me, I want to fight to make hospital negligence criminal.

That's right, I said it. And if you lose a loved one because of hospital malpractice, you'll agree a lot more with the statement. Understand, we need great doctors and nurses and I agree with that. However, there are some doctors and nurses who pursue that career not for a love to help others, but to make a lot of money. Doctors and nurses with those intentions belong somewhere else, not operating on your loved ones.

Imagine for a moment that you are texting someone while you're driving, and you hit someone. Imagine for a moment that person dies. You would be charged with negligent homicide. Now imagine that you are a nurse, and rather than paying attention to a patient that you know has particularly dangerous issues, they were instead at the counter of that wing talking story with their friends, or texting a loved one, or not paying attention at all. Imagine that person dies, and imagine it was your loved one.

The only difference between the negligence that occurs while texting and driving, and texting while a patient is in crisis in their hospital room, is the word "HOSPITAL" on the building. Just because the building says "Hospital" on it, should not give gross negligence a pass. Rather than legislation that constantly seeks to limit the amounts payable to grieving families for the gross negligence of a doctor or nurse, I promise that if they were facing a prison sentence for neglecting your loved one, they'd be paying a lot more attention.

Unfortunately, some doctors, nurses, or "CNA's" are taking on these professions for egotistical reasons, a sense of feeling empowered over the weak. Those are the people we need to target, and get out of our hospitals.

There are some terrific doctors and nurses in the world, and those are the only ones who belong in a hospital caring for your loved one.

PRIORITY #4: It is time to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and to have our state earn the millions in taxes that it would earn so that those funds can be directed at bettering the education of our hospitals, staff, our roads, and the much needed warning signs in remote areas of Hawaii where people have fallen off cliffs, waterfalls, and even died because they just didn't know where they were going. Locals generally understand the do's and don't rules of where to go, and where not to go. However, tourists do not, and as we value their financial contributions to our state, we must also protect them. Our teachers are paid in a manner that is shameful, and Hawaii lands are consistently being purchased by large corporations who are interested more in profits than your view. So while I myself do not engage in the use of marijuana, study after study suggests it has many uses, including for cancer patients and to treat anxiety. With strict rules and guidelines, I see no reasons why this plant should not be permitted legally. As the old saying goes, we have bigger fish to fry, and the income we could derive from marijuana taxation could pay for a lot of the things we often find ourselves complaining about in this state.

PRIORITY #5: Marketing Hawaii to an international audience, and doing what is necessary to increase tourism. With a recent budget plan by our governor, who is doing his best and heralded by many, he can't do it alone. We need to provide funding to increase tourism, which will in turn increase the monies that the state of Hawaii needs. Hawaii is never a hard sell to anyone who comes to this beautiful state, but more can be done to market the islands. It's time to stop assuming Hawaii will automatically be the destination of choice, and to aggressively pursue options that bring tourism to the state.

These are just some of the issues we need to focus on, and you would think that the first three priorities would simply be common sense. So I ask you, when was the last time you heard any politician raise the issues I have? The reason many don't is due to the contributions their campaigns receive from hospitals and other organizations that pay what they have to in order to keep these things off your radar. Rest assured, I will not be one of them.

PRIORITY #6: Hawaii has a wide array of birds and wildlife that we need to protect. It will be one of my missions to make certain that the exotic and rare birds on the islands obtain the protection and respect that they deserve.

PRIORITY #7: Hawaii has long been known for the Aloha Spirit. Too often, loved ones are faced with the loss of a significant other, relative, or a person in their life whose loss is so devastating that they can hardly get out of bed. I will fight to create a Grief Fund, that allows family members who do not have the benefit of Life Insurance the ability to apply for this special program that permits a loved one, who counts on the support of the person they may have lost, to get back up on their feet again. The thought of being forced to go back to work the day after your mother, or husband, or child dies, is something that the state of Hawaii must never permit. That is not Aloha at all, and in Hawaii, we take care of our own. It's time to put something like this on the books, so that a grieving family member isn't right behind the one they've lost, and stands a fighting chance to survive the devastating loss they may have experienced. That's true Aloha, and that is what Hawaii is all about.

PRIORITY #8: Have you ever heard of Steve Feinberg, CEO of Cerberus Capital Management? Well, you're going to during the course of my campaign. Read This Article.

This company, named after the "Three Headed Dog That Guards The Gates Of Hell," owns Safeway, owns hospitals, and even owned (and may still own) The Freedom Group, the gun manufacturing company that literally manufactured the guns used in the Newtown Shootings. In short, this company makes the guns, and treats the wounds, and they are creating a monopoly under your nose and you don't even know it. Cerberus then stated they would sell the gun manufacturing company. But did they? Read this.

There needs to be someone discussing the issues that matter to you most. The minimum wage means nothing if you don't make it out of the hospital. You need someone paranoid in that office, someone unafraid, who doesn't play politics or care about threats or intimidation. None of these people scare me, and I won't play politics with your life.

Listen, I will be attacked for what I'm saying. I'm fine with that. This is not a campaign of being cynical, and at some point we need to get our heads out of the sand and stop pretending we have no voice. Things are not lovely, they are concealed. You can help me start to make the conversation loud and clear. Federal Election Law requires me the same airtime as my opponent if I win the primary. So help me to do it.

PRIORITY #9: Housing costs are outrageous, as are the conditions of available rentals. We have infrastructure issues, and more renewable energy is needed to protect our environment with lower costs. We need better internet and data speed, as well as more friendly and supportive local agriculture. Protecting our Aina. We need to restore Hawaiian forests to a more natural state and focus on the eradication of invasive species.

PRIORITY #10: We label cigarettes with warnings, so it's time to label the food you eat with GMO labels. You have a right to know if the food you eat is genetically modified until science proves that there will not be long term health issues due to the fact that we simply do not have all the answers yet about long term repercussions. They're your kids, and you have a right to know what they are eating, as well as yourself.

PRIORITY #11: I will fight to criminalize gross negligence by any doctor or nurse who by that gross negligence, causes harm to a patient. When dealing with the life of someone you love, doctors can’t show up drunk before surgery, or ignore their patients. Stories like this are intolerable:

PRIORITY #12:  Cash or guaranteed surety bail is the most cost effective, efficient, and performance effective tool to ensure the appearance of the defendant to court and good behavior while awaiting trial. It is also the only system which is user funded and does not require the taxpayer to foot the bill for mistakes and ill choices of those who break the law. With that being said, I would like to highlight a few policy considerations and practices which I and the bail bond industry feel are of the utmost importance to the balance of public safety and the rights of the accused.

Detective Joe Indano of South Plainfield, New Jersey voiced his frustration and stated, “Nobody’s afraid to commit crimes anymore. They’re not afraid of being arrested, because they know at the end of the day, they’re going to be released. Its catch and release. You’re chasing around the same people over and over again. They’re being released and going back and offending and now you have more people as victims.”

I support Beth Chapman, President of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS) in her efforts.

Committee to Elect Brian Evans to the United States Congress (R-HI)
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